Not Chinese Fakes But Not big $$$ Either

Tired and bored after reading 11 pages of posts about Chinese Counterfeit Cables (guilty of a couple entries myself), and looking for a DYI project, I decided to split the difference between Cheap Fakes and outrageous prices for name brand American made cables.  After doing lots of research and reading I selected bulk "CHELA"  speaker cable from VHAudio  and connectors, shrink tube etc, from AV Outlet

This has been a fun project and a first for me.  The total cost was +/- $400 per 8 foot cable.  Given the quality of materials, such as 48 strand OCC copper wires, which translates to 10 AWG, I think the cost is very reasonable.  I try to build as much as I can but mostly it has been woodworking in the past.  I encourge everyone to try their hand at projects.  It's always more rewarding than shoveling cash at retailers. If you're interested, here's the project in detail.




Nice post and looks like some fun.  I enjoy doing DIY projects as well and have found buying from Chris at VH Audio a pleasure.  He is such a nice guy and has great wire with helpful ideas and instruction.  I have made his flavor 1, 2, 3 and  4 power cord recipes with excellent results. Also upgraded my phono pre with his nice ODAM caps.  All nice improvements at reasonable prices.  

Thanks for the nice comments to all who have looked.  A review of the sound will have to wait until next spring.  My stereo (version 4.0 since covid started) is awating the arrival of a pair of SoundLab Majestic 745's.  Made two pairs of cables so I can bi-amp off a pair of Hegel H30's running in stereo mode.  I'm excited but it will be a long winter.  In the meantime.................

I reckon a few of those who have disparaged Bose speakers in the past will be eating crow.  🤣

Soundlab 745's way to go big dude but I feel your pain the Wave Radio can't cut it!