Not Chinese Fakes But Not big $$$ Either

Tired and bored after reading 11 pages of posts about Chinese Counterfeit Cables (guilty of a couple entries myself), and looking for a DYI project, I decided to split the difference between Cheap Fakes and outrageous prices for name brand American made cables.  After doing lots of research and reading I selected bulk "CHELA"  speaker cable from VHAudio  and connectors, shrink tube etc, from AV Outlet

This has been a fun project and a first for me.  The total cost was +/- $400 per 8 foot cable.  Given the quality of materials, such as 48 strand OCC copper wires, which translates to 10 AWG, I think the cost is very reasonable.  I try to build as much as I can but mostly it has been woodworking in the past.  I encourge everyone to try their hand at projects.  It's always more rewarding than shoveling cash at retailers. If you're interested, here's the project in detail.




Congrats! I also got bunch of stuff from Chris at VH Audio.
Put together two Furutech power cords with Furutech connectors and they’re really tough to beat! Chris is a great guy to interact with and always provides a solid recommendation.

I built the same cables.  I used BFA style banana plugs since i like low mass.  You didn't say how they sound but I'll say that I'm very happy with mine and recommend this sytle cable.  I'm not patient enough to load my photos on another site to post them here but I can post a photo of my cables to my profile and I'll do that.


PS  I wouldn't have started out my post talking about chinese fakes.  I scrolled past it several times until I finally decided to open it. 

I built all of my power cables from Furutech components. It was a fun project. I was able to do custom length cables. 

@carlsbad re name, i was hoping to attract the legion of posters who are buying knock off cables and demonstrate there is a wsy to buy local, cut costs and have some fun at the same time?  But that's just me. 7

@bigtwin Very nice post. I cant see well enough anymore to attempt such a project but the multi strand cables (and the flat ones too) seem to be the way to go.