Not Chinese Fakes But Not big $$$ Either

Tired and bored after reading 11 pages of posts about Chinese Counterfeit Cables (guilty of a couple entries myself), and looking for a DYI project, I decided to split the difference between Cheap Fakes and outrageous prices for name brand American made cables.  After doing lots of research and reading I selected bulk "CHELA"  speaker cable from VHAudio  and connectors, shrink tube etc, from AV Outlet

This has been a fun project and a first for me.  The total cost was +/- $400 per 8 foot cable.  Given the quality of materials, such as 48 strand OCC copper wires, which translates to 10 AWG, I think the cost is very reasonable.  I try to build as much as I can but mostly it has been woodworking in the past.  I encourge everyone to try their hand at projects.  It's always more rewarding than shoveling cash at retailers. If you're interested, here's the project in detail.




@curiousjim  Ha Ha.  New speakers don't arrive until next May.  But I will post at that time.  

@bigtwin : no speakers until May? That’s like six months. I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t wait that long with no speakers. Life is short. I don’t want to waste months of it

@thyname  If you scan up a dozen or more posts, you will see the Bose set up I'm using right now. It's Sweeeeeeeet. 

On Tues I head to Mexico until the end of April, so there is that going on.  There's a place you would never want to own high end equipment as the heat and humidity ruin everything in time.  But not to worry, as I have the same Bose set up there. 🤣

In the meantime, I go to sleep each night dreaming of these coming in the spring.

SoundLab Majestic 745 with Garnet Red Grill

Ah….I get it now. It all makes sense. I am sure the wait will be worthwhile for you


Beautiful speaker! I’ve been a fan of panel speakers since the late seventies and still have a pair of Acoustat’s. But tell me, why are the 745’s so heavy?