Not Chinese Fakes But Not big $$$ Either

Tired and bored after reading 11 pages of posts about Chinese Counterfeit Cables (guilty of a couple entries myself), and looking for a DYI project, I decided to split the difference between Cheap Fakes and outrageous prices for name brand American made cables.  After doing lots of research and reading I selected bulk "CHELA"  speaker cable from VHAudio  and connectors, shrink tube etc, from AV Outlet

This has been a fun project and a first for me.  The total cost was +/- $400 per 8 foot cable.  Given the quality of materials, such as 48 strand OCC copper wires, which translates to 10 AWG, I think the cost is very reasonable.  I try to build as much as I can but mostly it has been woodworking in the past.  I encourge everyone to try their hand at projects.  It's always more rewarding than shoveling cash at retailers. If you're interested, here's the project in detail.




I just made some interconnects for the same reasons, a fun and rewarding project

@curiousjim The weight question is above my pay grade.  I can only opine that the sum of all material required to build these monsters adds up to 185 pounds. If you are really interested in a detailed answer, contact Roger at   He will usually answer within a couple days.  It's nice that the founder of the company still answers his own emails.

I’ve built cables for years, most recently a few subwoofer cables for my RELs (3) made from Canare /Neutrik/AQ’s fun and who does’t like heat shrink tubing? However, I recently bought a 13 1/2’ foot pair of the newest version of the Kimber Kable 8PR speaker cables that now use the "varistrand" copper...they’re amazingly good and were 426 bucks bucks a pair. Go figure.

@bigtwin how did these cables turn out and sound?  Worth the effort and 💰?  Just curious since I have made DIY cables from VH Audio.  

@tksteingraber They sound as good as any cable I have owned.  Was able to switch in and out with XLO Signature 3 - 5.2 and Silversmith Fidelium cables.  I couldn't really tell the difference between the three sets.  Maybe I don't belong to the Golden Ear Club, or maybe it's really difficult to hear a difference once you start comparing well build cables.  Cost wise, I spent +/- $1000 (CDN) for an 8 foot pair.  That made them the least expensive of the three sets by quite a bit.  I really enjoyed the project.  For me, building is always more enjoyable than simply buying.  So in summary, I would say the cables are a winner.  I have sold the XLO and the VH Audio Chela speaker cable is now in the system long term.