Not enough outlets

I always plug my Ayre amp and Cambridge Audio streamer/DAC directly into the wall outlets.  I have a single duplex outlet behind my equipment rack and since I have just two components, that is enough.  However, recently I decide to try better power cables (Audio Envy) than the OEM cables that I was using.  Unfortunately those plugs are large enough that if I use the AE power cable for one component, the plug for the second AE cable doesn't fit (there is just not enough room).  

So I am contemplating two options:

1. Use the AE cord for my amplifier and just use OEM for my streamer

2. Get some kind of a strip and plug both my amplifier and streamer into it...I understand that many strips can interfere with power delivery so I'm concerned this may affect the dynamics of my system

Thoughts and advice? 


Thanks a lot for all the advice.  I'm going with a high quality powerstrip as suggested by several; I'm picking one without any conditioning or surge protection: just something that minimally interferes with the power going through it, specifically Pangea Audio Quattro Premier - 4 Outlet Power Center 20 Amp or Quad Power Box as suggested by @lak.


@tattooedtrackman: the nicer power cables also tend to have nicer hardware: plugs that fit tightly and make a good connection and plating that resists oxidation over time.  

@deone U are actually very right about that. I also use Furutech GTX-D (R) and Oyaide WPC Z2 and Z1 covers. Outlets and covers. Very tight fit also. 

I think of hospital grade as a baseline for quality. I've got several of these attached to the back of my rack, I got the ones with a 3' cord:

Tripp Lite

I also use a Furman power strip/conditioner/surge protector. That should easily solve your problem. 

The problem with some of the strips is that they use the same OEM low quality cables as you probably already have. Cullen Cables makes very nice power boxes with an upgraded cable, and nice receptacles.....hand made in the USA and a great bargain. They are $199 with their "Gold" series cables, and $259 with their "Crossover" series cables. IMO the $259 version would be a very nice upgrade and solve your problem.