Not manufactured any more.

I'm looking at old Pics of speakers that I would love to see come back. 

I'll post two or three. What do you like? Post your DIY or that speaker that got away..

Enjoy the Holidays


@decooney Thanks for all the pics of the ESS speakers.  I never realized they made so many models.  I used to own the AMT-1B's which I believe was basically an AMT-1A but added a rear facing 12" passive radiator.  A friend of mine also owned a pair and had the ESS 500 watt amp. Talk about a revolutionary sound in the late '70's.


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The RTR brand always sounded ' right' to my ears. I think it was model 280, not sure

Dynaudio Audience 82! I will always miss em and compare all others to them...See the source image