Not manufactured any more.

I'm looking at old Pics of speakers that I would love to see come back. 

I'll post two or three. What do you like? Post your DIY or that speaker that got away..

Enjoy the Holidays


The mighty ESS AMT3; dual 10" woofers. 6" midrange and a Heil Air Motion Transformer. Back in 1975 I drove then with a Crown IC150 and DC300A pre/power fed by a Dual 701 tuentable and Stanton 681EEE cartridge. They had a fantastic dynamic range and "jump factor".



Image 1 - Infinity Infinitesimal RS 0.2 Speakers

These were a ton of fun. I still have 2 pairs. It looks like this pair has a ribbon problem or two maybe.. They still make repair kits..
Infinity Infinitesimal RS 0.2 Speakers.

Back in the early 80s fell in love with the Quad ESL63s and bought a pair that I had and served me well for over 20 years. Another of my very favorites was the Apogee  Duetta Signiture. Now that I'm back in a larger living space with a large dedicated audio room, It's been my quest to get a good, rebuilt pr. of the Duetta Sigs. Unfortunately, the few available pairs I've found are 2K to 3K miles away with pick up only.

Other of my  favorites of the 70s, 80s and 90s (for different reasons), were the Dahlquist DQ-10s and 20s, Marten Logans, Maggies, Ohm Walsh, Klpsch Corner Horns and the big Altec Lansings.....Jim

[@cycles2] @decooney Thanks for all the pics of the ESS speakers. I never realized they made so many models. I used to own the AMT-1B’s which I believe was basically an AMT-1A but added a rear facing 12" passive radiator. A friend of mine also owned a pair and had the ESS 500 watt amp. Talk about a revolutionary sound in the late ’70’s.


@cycle2, You bet. We are all products of the environment we grew up in as they say. :) I worked at ESS in the early 80s on the assembly lines. Like you, I had the same AMT Monitors and AMT 1B speakers as you had. They were one of the speakers to have at the time, including those ESS 500 amps. Super cool, glad to hear it. Later i discovered more improvements with really good SS and TUBE amps! All the sudden the AMTs really started to sound wonderful. A re-discovery!

For three decades, I felt the big AMTs with 12" woofers and passives were slightly off, with a commonly discussed "hole" in the midrange yet to be mastered. Then came the i.e. AMT3 Rock Monitors (with midrange) came out, even closer to what was needed compared to what you and I had before. Hence my DEC-AMT28s I finally designed and built. They blow away any prior ESS factory unit I had before.

I’ve had some discussion with Nelson about my speakers. His teams also had some updated versions of his own speakers too, super cool to see what came out later by others, over the years. While I did my updated version, so did Pass Labs later on. Check these babies out, Pass Labs Rushmore. Modern day AMT3s, and better. Big $.