Not manufactured any more.

I'm looking at old Pics of speakers that I would love to see come back. 

I'll post two or three. What do you like? Post your DIY or that speaker that got away..

Enjoy the Holidays

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Anyone remember the unique wood SS-M speakers Sony made for a while. SS-M3, M7, M9?. Sounded pretty nice as I recall. I preferred the mid level model SS-M7 3-way quite a bit. Higher quality appeal to them in person when they came out.





@oldhvymech "BUT I found these I don’t know if they are duped on this thread or not.."


oldhvymech, ahhh,  Sansui SP-5500 speakers. Fairly rare, more info here.

4-way, 8ohms, 98db, pretty unique. Full specs here:



Type: 4 way, 6 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz

Power Handling: 120W

Crossover Frequency: 700, 1000, 6500Hz

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity: 98dB

Bass: 1 x 380mm cone

Midbass: 2 x 125mm cones

Midrange: 1 x horn

Tweeter: 2 x horn

Finish: open pore walnut

Dimensions: 532 x 850 x 430mm

Weight: 46.2kg