Not selling Cardas cables online again, just wanted to share.....

After being a member with Audigon for 22 years with only positive feedbacks, this was the first. Sold a set of authentic Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects to a guy in the US who has good feedback. He paid via Paypal and all was good. Then, he sends me a note saying left cable is not working and the cable looks like its fake. Send images of a fake cable to the moderator and everything goes on hold.

Of course, he reaches out to Paypal and my full payment was on hold. After sending all the pics and shipping document with customs paper to Paypal. He is getting his money back and I am going to get a set of fake Cardas cables as a gift from him as a return. I have to take my other Cardas cable off the ad and look for local sale to avoid such things from happening again...sad but true.

*Audiogon has been very good by providing the necessary support from both ends.

Lesson learned: Take as many pics you have of the product being sold and include them into the ad and also keep extras as a safe guard for such events.

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Unfortunately this is the world we live in, for the last post file the claim and get you money back.  I only deal with higher feedback sellers and buyers now and Friends and family only when I sell.  I am debating on getting out of the buying and selling because of all the criminals and scumbag people that prey of good people that still believe in doing the right thing.  Good luck to the original OP and also to the others that are going through issues.  

This is really unfortunate. I've  not been here long but have have  had great experiences from buying on Audiogon  and US Audio Mart. Nothing but great folks to deal with, folks who care about their gear.
sorry  this happened to you. That said everything I have bought has involved at least a phone conversation, I suppose to test the validity of the purchase and I do try to buy local.

It’s becoming more common in this once trustworthy community to find scammers.  I listed a pair of Lamm monoblocks for sale, and I got a few inquiries from no feedback individuals asking me to ship them out of country with PayPal fees.  I replied that I would only sell to low/no feedback buyers if paid via PayPal Friends and Family.  Their interest stopped then.