Not sure for power conditioner my amp or not.

Hi, I have an VTA ST-120 I built using KT88C’s for my 2 channel. I have all my equipment running through a Torus Power TOT MAX Toroidal Isolation. I have heard 2 different versions on what to do. As far as what to plug my amp into. The wall or the TOT’s? I know this isn’t a "power conditioner" such as PS Audio sells. Should I keep everything plugged into the TOT, so all my grounds are the same and it has the optional surge protection? Or straight into the wall? I tried the wall once, but didn’t hear a difference really. But I didn’t test for long and not sure I ever got to the point of drawing too much power from the amp. Which is the best way to leave it? Thanks! Scott

VTA ST-120



No amps on power conditioners. If you have a really nice preamp that stays off the conditioner too. If you don’t believe me then play three songs with your amp plugged into the conditioner. Then plug it right into the wall, wait three days, and play the same three songs. Only change this one thing. That way you know it’s the amp. I think the power conditioner can starve the amp and /or color the sound based on what technology it is using. During heavy lightning storms or when on vacation I unplug all of it. 

@hsounds "Then plug it right into the wall, wait three days, and play the same three songs."


help me understand what the 3 day wait is all about

3 days?  I understood SCIENCE (psychoacoustics) has clearly proven auditory memory only lasts seconds to minutes.

Equipment always sounds “different” after a day or so, at least to those without the rare “golden ears.”


I am interested in your outcome. As this thread has proven, results/outcomes certainly are going to vary depending on the particular power amplifier and conditioner equipment under scrutiny. There aren’t any absolutes in these matters.


I did not wait 3 days to try out. My memory isn't that good anymore. I did go back and forth with a good hard hitting LP. "Atomic Movie Sound Track". Yes, when I really listen, there is a difference that I notice when it is at a higher volume. Now I wonder if I should move my tube pre-amp (uses 6SN7 octal tubes, has dual mono regulated power supplies for each channel) and bypass the conditioner. I would need to do some power cord movements. I have a very good upgraded wall outlet. I may just double it up with 1 more to get enough to add the pre-amp to it also. I don't want to do that for no reason and I don't have enough outlets, to just swap my cords around.

Now that my ST-120 is right, THANKS for ALL the GREAT helpful responses, does anyone have any experience with pre-amps making a difference or my VTA SP-12 in particular?