Not sure for power conditioner my amp or not.

Hi, I have an VTA ST-120 I built using KT88C’s for my 2 channel. I have all my equipment running through a Torus Power TOT MAX Toroidal Isolation. I have heard 2 different versions on what to do. As far as what to plug my amp into. The wall or the TOT’s? I know this isn’t a "power conditioner" such as PS Audio sells. Should I keep everything plugged into the TOT, so all my grounds are the same and it has the optional surge protection? Or straight into the wall? I tried the wall once, but didn’t hear a difference really. But I didn’t test for long and not sure I ever got to the point of drawing too much power from the amp. Which is the best way to leave it? Thanks! Scott

VTA ST-120


In South Florida we have a love of air conditioners cycling on and off and it causes fluctuations in the power supply.  I found that my tube amplifiers were regularly needing to be re-biased.  Since incorporating a power conditioner, the amps have stabilized to the point where re-bias in almost never needed.  The amps always sounded good, I can't say that power conditioners have done much in that regard.  I have tried Niagra and first P10 and now P20.  All with similar results.  Currently using PS Audio P20.  I did read the detailed report that these things do nothing.  I believe that is true if the power coming into the wall is good, consistent etc.  They are more necessary in localities where the power fluctuates, is dirty and so forth.

Since OP’s amp uses an EI power transformer which does isolation already, adding a separate isolation transformer may not give any benefit.

However, if the isolation transformer is wired in balanced manner, then it can help.

My house power is generally very good. I can watch with my "sense" power meter installed. I also added the Zero Surge and connected my Tube Amp and Tube Pre Amp into the Zero Surge. I plugged everything else into the Torus TOT MAX conditioner. I ended up with adding a whole house surge just in case. I wouldn't have done that, but I also was installing my generator switching panel. I figured if I was already having the walls open I might as well add the whole house surge. Everything is fine and I appreciate all the help from everyone!! Seriously, it was an informative thread for me. Thanks, Scott 

My house power is very good until it's not. 🤣

I live in the South where we are prone to severe lightning storms, though not quite as bad as Florida.  There is no way I run my gear without a top notch surge protector in line with it.  I also use a whole house surge protector as well. 

Plus, my experience having been in electrically noisy apartments is that my gear sounds better with a good conditioner than without it.

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