Notice how many SACD collections for sale?

Does this say something about the state of the medium? Have you pondered throwing in the hi-rez towel?
The same logic applies for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray - If the quality of the SACD or DVD-A isn't enough to get the average consumer to buy it (audiophiles only)- Then why would they buy HD or Blu-Ray? It will fail too.

So, it will be a loooooong wait for the next hi-rez format if there ever is one.
Robm321, I think that the audiophile community is pretty small. Assuming that there was another format for the past 40 years and if LP were to be released today, it would also not have been accepted by today's consumers.
The only failures are the big corporates who fell flat on their face to grab audience's attention without listining to their voice. If a technology is good and people start to like it, it will latch on, only it might take some time.
I feel that the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are targeted at video more than audio. But if they are targeting the audio sector, then you are absolutely right - your logic applies :-))
sacd will be like 8 tracks in 24 months,but they seam to still make players,like its alive and well.i did a post some time ago about sacd players price dropping fast,and im still waiting,lucky for them most of them play dvds or they would be worthless..i have a friend who is a classical music lover,and he still cant get sacd to sound right..he has had over 7 players ,,,its sad...long live redbook
While I have always thought vinyl gave the best reproduction of performances, I thought that sacds were second best, because of their sense of the soundstage and superior top end. I must say that dads were very close, however, as were HDCDs.

When RealityCheck came along, however, I must say that I find redbooks rejuvenated. Although I still enjoy my many and still growing collection of sacds, I miss the clarity and drive of RC copies of redbooks. I doubt seriously that there are many selling their sacd collections, but if they are I would strongly recommend they check out RealityCheck copies, unless they are just going back to redbook.
Hmmm....5 SACD titles from Sony between 12/20/05 to 01/03/06, with another 2 possible. Then Telarc will add another SACD title in January 2006, followed by another 10 RCA Living Stereo SACDs for February 2006.

It's kinda dying.