Nottingham resonance control

I am trying to figure out how to do away with those rubber feet, both under the table and the motor. Or at least to greatly improve the table-platform interface.
Currently, my Spacedeck sits on a 3" maple block which is right on the hardwood floor with Boston Audio tuneblocks under it. No Nottingham platform. My speakers are on Boston Audio tuneblocks for speakers. I have very little floor vibration even at high volume level.
I was thinking about Walker resonance control discs or Steelpoints. Steelpoints are very expensive, Walker discs are $50 each. I would need six - three for the table and three for the motor.
What are your thoughts and experience?
Oh, yes, I am also using Boston Audio Mat-1.
I see. Brazilian Rosewood won't work. Great wood for making guitars, that's why it came to mind.
Not so simple with cones - they remove the vibration at best, then they return some of it. Yeah, shape and material matter. Audiopoints were good cones, no longer made. They work well with my integrated amp.
Probably Vibraplane would be best, but you never really know until you try. Still, you can't try eveything so to a degree you have to guess.
Physics, of course. But at times the laws of physics are so inconvenient.
For everyone's information Nottingham has a new US Distributor. Check out the website
Boston Audio Mat-1 works great. And also Neuance shelf under the table is a big improvement.

Inna, on a follow up note, I removed the little rubber feet from motor and table and replaced them with extra thick Herbies Grungebusters. I have only listened to a couple records so far but I can say with no hesitation they have cleaned up the sound, everything is more concise by a few degrees which in my system is appreciated. Similar experience to when I rolled in some nos tele's. Lyrics that I couldn't discern before can be clearly heard. Bass is easily followed when before it was overshadowed by other players when music got busy. The palpably of the resonance of the stand up bass has increased. A negative brought on was a hardness in higher frequencies that I alleviated by lowering the vta which I had previously raised a tick or two beyond neutral to hear what I could, which I thought was slight increase in detail. Now that I lowered the vta back to neutral it's sweeter with no loss in detail or above mentioned gains. Cost was around 30 bucks and so far has done far more for the sound then I dared hope. Hope this helped in some way. Btw my table is the space294 w/wave mech. and Grado ref. 1
My goodness, The Wave Mechanic is double the price of what it is if you get it from the UK. This is quite bold.
For this kind of money, a bit more, I would get Walker.