Nottingham resonance control

I am trying to figure out how to do away with those rubber feet, both under the table and the motor. Or at least to greatly improve the table-platform interface.
Currently, my Spacedeck sits on a 3" maple block which is right on the hardwood floor with Boston Audio tuneblocks under it. No Nottingham platform. My speakers are on Boston Audio tuneblocks for speakers. I have very little floor vibration even at high volume level.
I was thinking about Walker resonance control discs or Steelpoints. Steelpoints are very expensive, Walker discs are $50 each. I would need six - three for the table and three for the motor.
What are your thoughts and experience?
Oh, yes, I am also using Boston Audio Mat-1.
There is a reason why Nottingham has a cult following, both here and in Europe. Especially Spacedeck because it is not very expensive by audiophile standards.
I am not really familiar with exotic turntables. You are probably right about why they may sound so good and so bad.
Neuance shelf? I'll check it out too, thank you. I have Boston Audio Mat-1.
I am not really in a hurry, I like tuning and fine tuning the system. These things take time and patience.
Without doing anything else yet I put one smaller Walker resonance control disc on the maplebblock next to the motor. The disc doesn't touch anything. This increased clarity, it was neither subtle nor profound and definitely worth it. I'll get another disc to put on the other side next to the motor. Could be too much, though I doubt it, I'll see.
What I like most about Spacedeck is that it is very alive not a sterile machine.
After adding the Walker disc I had a chance to get Purist Colossus ferox interconnect. It replaced Maximus. One step up, significant improvement. And the Colossus is not yet fully burned in after Purist filled it with ferox. It has 120 hours on it, and Jim of Purist Audio says 200 hours. He is right, I can hear it.

I was a big Nott fan too. Until I heard the Well Tempered Amadeus.......