Nova Power Cord Model (M101 silver) Review

Nova Power Cord Model (M101 silver) Review.

First a little background of myself, ozzy.

I am now retired for about 6 years. Previously I was Senior Purchasing Agent and before that Senior Engineer for a large Manufacturing company a total of 42 years.

I have been a long-time member of Audiogon, and several other on-line forums. I have been in this hobby for 50+ years. Heck, I go back so far that when I was 18, I was a Manager of an Allied Radio Shack Store. Remember Allied Radio? Remember when Radio Shack bought them? I have also built many Heathkits and have experimented in many projects through the years from normal to the insane.

But I have always been fascinated about the relationship of the AC power to the sound of an audio system. As has been repeated so many times, how can 5 feet of cable make a difference when there are miles of power lines running to my house? I know I understand, but is it the last 5 feet or the first?

Naturally, I have dedicated lines terminated in Furutech NCF outlets. I have owned/tried so many power conditioners from the likes of PS Audio, Shunyata, Synergistic, Core power, and so many more. I have also owned power cables from companies such as, Purist Dominus, Nordost Valhalla, Synergistic, Virtual Dynamics, Hi Fidelity, Shunyata, Audioquest and on and on. I share this info so again; you can tell my sincerity about power cables. I have a passion (obsession?) for them!

My latest effort was a set of DIY power cords that I made using pure .9999 10 ga solid soft silver in a very high-grade oversized PTFE, braided, twisted, treated with Nano liquid and then finished with Furutech best NCF connectors. They look very similar in construction to the Audioquest Dragon configuration. They have beat all other power cords that I had tried before them. They have made me happy and content.

So now on to the review of the Nova power cables.

First off, I would like to thank Lubos (bewgow on Audiogon) for allowing me to demo his cables. My understanding is that all of his cables utilize copper wiring and Furutech NCF connectors. I will add that I became interested in these cables from a review on Audiogon that millercarbon started and was sorry to see it go off the rails.  I asked bewgow for a couple demos to try. In a few days they arrived.

The Nova (silver) power cord.

Since I am using mono block amps, I needed 2 power cables. One about 3 meters and the other about 2 meters long. Lubos was kind enough to send me these 2 lengths. The power cords will be connected to my Audioquest Niagara 7000 power conditioner.

I am not sure of the actual wire gauge utilized by the Nova, all Lubos would reveal was that it consists of using a special wire geometry. I personally didn’t think it stood a chance against my heavy gauge pure solid silver conductors.

First listen, and I must say, the Nova cable sounded better. Never would have believed it. No way. But it is. There is so much more air and life in its presentation. Instruments extend left/right front/ back. Very impressive. There is a feeling of intimacy in the soundstage that draws you into the music. Women’s voices have that “tongue in the ear” effect. You guys know what I mean…Very inviting. Listen to Linda Ronstadt sing “Blue Bayou” you’ll get it.

The soundstage is wider and deeper. Usually when the music sounds this pure there is a sacrifice at the frequency extremes. But not with this cable. The bass is tight and deep and the highs shimmer elegantly. Since receiving the Nova cables, I have been playing music that I have heard so many times in so many different formats through the years that I could probably write the sheet music. And yet, now for the first time they sound entirely different and so engaging. Fantastic!

I like listening to live recorded music. Mostly rock music. With the Nova cables there is a new found pleasure in the openness in the performance. Even some of the earlier recordings like Creedence Clearwater revival At Woodstock is highly enjoyable.

When you hear your system sounding this right, I knew I had to have this cable. Now, if only I had some more items to sell on Audiogon, hmm… Or how to convince my wife I need a couple more power cords…?

But, oh boy can I recommend this power cord.


I am building "affordable" high end cables. Yes, the entrance fee is 2.5k and you will have hard time finding something better under 5k. Nova is as good as Nordost Valhalla 2 which is 6.5k. Nordost doesn't do discount, I do offer a 20% discount when you buy 4 or more cables.
The target audience as I see it whynner is two clearly defined segments. One, people with already very good power cords they paid $5k or even more for. Those people will find they can sell them for enough to buy Nova and get a nice improvement for zero net cost. The other segment is people who have experienced good entry level power cords and are looking to significantly upgrade. Granted the "entry" level for Moneoone is $2500, but these folks will have a hard time finding better without spending a lot more.   

Bump up the scale to Supernova and the same holds true there as well, just the numbers are bigger.  

We did a comparison here with a guy who was absolutely convinced power cords cannot possibly make any difference at all. When the Supernova went in he changed his mind so fast he let out a gasp while the needle was still in the lead-in groove.   

Doesn't make him the target market, I doubt he will be spending that kind of money on a power cord any time soon. But it does show how these things sound so good even someone totally skeptical winds up changing their mind in no time flat. Thus he is a good example of someone who will probably be looking at entry level power cords and then maybe eventually progressing to Nova level at some point down the road and has his system improves.
Based on the narrow participation in this thread I'd estimate the target audience to be 2 to 3 people.  Setting aside the potential for a large margin per unit sold with uber expensive power cables, it seems that a new-to-market cable manufacturer would stand better probability of success by producing a really good  (perhaps not $5K good) cable in the couple of hundred dollar range that a larger market could actually contemplate buying...and then develop a buzz at a price anyone can rationalize trying out.  

This is why the good 'ol SR Master Coupler ($150 used) has been around so long and why newer companies like Audio Envy are getting such strong followings for their wonderful $200 PCs.  They punch so far above their price point, they capture a larger share of the market from budget buyers to higher-end buyers who appreciate value, and they leave you feeling no buyer's remorse (or hurt and ashamed) plus provide easy resale near retail price - much better if bought used in first place!

Just seems like this super expensive AC power cable market is a tough hustle for sure.  I do wish all success nonetheless in trying to find a market niche.
I hear ya.
I don’t think the maker of these cables wants to mass produce cheap (inexpensive) cables just to sell cables. He is probably out to beat the best.
An additional point, just the AC/IEC Furutech NCF connectors used in the design sell for about $700 a set.
So, $2500 is a lot, but not overpriced for what it can be compared to.

For those who may have missed the news, I consulted with Lubos quite a bit in the beginning. It was one of his test cables he sent me to begin with. Turned out he was testing me as much as I was testing his cable. Smart guy. Then prototypes that came after that. He is his own man and does his own thing but I can tell you all without any doubt he is well informed, has a viable plan and it is working, far as I can tell, just fine.

Ozzy is right, there is a lot of value in these just in raw parts alone. But of course the real value is in knowing how to use the raw materials. There are parts like the connectors Ozzy mentioned that are expensive, but there is a lot more going on than simply using expensive parts.

I have no idea what is going on inside either of these cables (and wouldn’t tell even if I did, as that is something Lubos worked long and hard to figure out) but whatever it is the results speak for themselves. If you can find a better power cord for the money, buy it. Good luck.

Price by the way, never will understand why people are so perpetually stumped by Econ 101. Somewhere along the way researching a cable one time I found myself talking with a guy in California. Some years back he developed a ribbon speaker cable. Ribbon construction is so inherently advantageous the cables sounded so good for such a good price he was swamped. I wanted him to make me some for internally wiring my Moabs. Then he told me his story in detail.

Long story short, he got so swamped with orders it became his life. Even then he was backlogged and dealing with complaints. Problem was, building these things called for a very specialized set of skills. Couldn’t be automated, and impossible to find anyone else to train and do it for pay. Poor old logical me says double the price, triple it, quadruple- whatever it takes to get to the point where the high price lowers demand to where he can build them and stay on top of it and feel it well worth the time.

This used to be plain old common sense. Now we have universities handing out degrees to people who know less coming out than going in. So of course no one gets it. Notable exceptions, myself and Lubos. He has his cables priced to outperform and offer greater value than anything else at that price- while at the same time paying him enough to be worth the trouble to make.

He is selling them worldwide. Most customers never bother to post, but I gather they are happy. Ozzy sure seems to still be happy with his. I think he knows his target market just fine.