Novice dac query.

dear all.
Can i use a dac with my droplet cd player? it has a coax cable out ( i think thats what its called). would this bypass the internal dac/ valves? i see a few dCS dacs for sale. they are not cheap for something in the regoin of 10 years old. would it better the one one in the droplet? i would think so, given its preowned price, but would like to hear what others think. to me, the droplet is very good sounding, but a upgrade in sound would be a good thing. thank you.
If I go for an outboard DAC it's definitely DCS. It's the closest to analogue you can get period and yes you can use your digital coax (SP/DIF) out for DAC in your CD player.
Depending on the transport quality of your CD-player you may or maynot need error correction or jitter reducer box.
Thank you for the reply. Anyone know much much a dCS algar
plus? I understand they are around 10 years old. any ideas how much they are worth now? Thank you.
I know of new affordable ones you can get within $1500 range: Mytek 192, Antelope Zodiac. It's very hard or impossible to find any negative reviews among those who purchased these.