Now, finally, just the music

I don't know about you guys,but when I purchase a new addition to my rig, my first few months of listening is so ridiculously critical, that I'm not enjoying the music. It has become evident to me, after a little over three months of listening to my Zu Definition 1.5s, that I'm finally enjoying my tunes and nothing but the tunes. I've accepted my Zu Definitions into my rig and (love them, btw) have found these past couple of weeks or so, to be just been the music experience. I realize, now, what I have and how special the sound is. I always find that my first couple of weeks (months depending on the component) of listening to anything new in my system to be more of a critical reviewer/listener relationship with my rig. Not fun until the music comes back. It has, and it's a beautiful thing. Can anyone relate? peace, warren :)
I guess the music comes as #1. When I bought my brand new speakers in late Jan I knew not to expect too much till they get some miles on them. So,--me-- I'm in the relaxed mode.(and paitent) New speakers r always fun!!
I've had my Tylers now for about a week. They sounded pretty good out of the box. I am excited to hear what they end up sounding like after break in. It's a great feeling when you KNOW your system sounds fantastic. In addition to that it's amazing how much different music you end up becoming interested in!
Warren, Enjoy it while it lasts. You've just described the disease which afflicts most all audiophiles. They have become so attentive to the sound of their stuff they can no longer just relax and get absorbed in the music.

If you think this is not so, just see how happy you will be by listening to your new system in mono and not sit in the sweet spot. I bet if you do you'll miss all that 'audiophile stuff' like soundstage for example as well as infinite detail.

Also, see how long you can resist reading a mag, hard copy or internet, or reading the want ad's or postings on the audio sites.

As I said, enjoy it while it lasts!
Well, I haven't been able to give up the audio pubs, Audiogon and the like. I think it would be easier to give up coffee, but I am really grooving with the music, more than ever (it seems)--maybe it's not only the Defs, but the combination of SET, as well. It's so nice to sit back and be taken away by what I love most....