Now that High Fidelity Cables is no longer, what cables are you upgrading to?

I was in the process of adding HFC’s, one at a time, to my system.  However, now that HFC is no longer in business, what cables have you found that offer the same, or better performance as the HFC’s?


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Hello HFC friends,

i'm Werner from Germany and I have a problem with an HFC CT-1 E cinch cable. A magnetic plug has problems, one channel keeps failing. There's a problem with the plug. I can't open the plug, the disc with the two holes won't open, no chance with special pliers, it's as if it's welded shut!! The stereo pair of cinch is now junk, a rat from England sold it to me. Does anyone have similar problems with HFC? A picture of my system: Line Magnetic LM-812, shindo amps, Jays audio cd drive, linnenberg dac, akiko audio passive filter, cable: HFC CT-1 E and Audience au24 SX/ se. Audience au24 SX create better spatial depth, gradation in depth, more neutral, better for my large horns. HFC are more foreground and push instruments forward.

Best regards

and sorry for my poor English



Hey Acman,

I will do that, thanks for the answer.
I'm new to the forum and have been reading about HFC for years, very good cables, but the + contact is causing total damage to some sockets, unfortunately.

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