Nowhere to hear speakers and amps anymore!

When I started buying stereo equipment in the 1970’s (yes, I’m old) in Seattle, there were many retail stores where I could hear and compare equipment. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1982 and found the same number of great stores until 2000 when they started disappearing and now there are none! There are plenty of Home Theater contractors, but I can’t find an audiophile store anywhere short of going to LA or back to Seattle! Is there an “audio desert” in my area? Seems like an opportunity for someone! Am I missing something? 



Thanks for posting that. I am two hours west of Richmond. I will definitely check out that place next time I’m in the area.

+1 regarding Music Lovers. Good selection, and incredibly helpful staff in my experience, anyway.

Be weary of Audio Vision. They literally charge you $250 if you want to audition any gear and you are only given that money back as a credit if you make a purchase within 90 days. Also, in my three or four times of walking in, each time was greeted with serious attitude.

They do offer a huge lineup of gear though, so if you know what you want and don’t want to deal with the trouble of going through an LA dealer, they might be a worthwhile option.

Brick and mortar retail audio is almost entirely gone, which is unfortunate.  You might have better luck at an audio show, like most of us. Try 


If someone is near Atlanta, there is still HiFi Buys in addition to the Best Buy locations that might have a Magnolia room