NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles

Was running errands yesterday and caught the last bit of a rather famous story about wine tasting on National Public Radio. They did a single blind test with several highly thought of experts to find out what the 'best' wines were. The clear winner for white whine was a lowly California vintage, and in general the realy high priced famous vintage stuff did not fare better than some current vintage wines that the average person might afford.
Remind you of anything :).
Agreed, often the higher-end wines have to age to come into their own. Their price is aimed at collectors who will do this. Though I've had many good bottles of young reds, their is nothing to compare to a properly aged red. It is simply divine! Sometimes, only time can work the magic.
I did a double blind test about five years ago.

I blindfolded and tied up my girlfriend spread eagled to the bed, then just left her there and went in to the next room to listen to my new DAC.

She was begging for more.
I visited a winery in the Shenandoah Valley in VA & the wife & I were treated to a tour before the place opened up by the owner. There were a bunch of bees hovering around an open red wine barrel & some of them were even swimming/soaking in the wine. I mentioned my allergic reaction to bees & that red wine gave me a headache...

I do most of my wine shopping at Sam's club and pick the wine based on how cool the bottle looks.
Mimberman, I know. It must be because I put the DAC reference in the post, heheh.