NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles

Was running errands yesterday and caught the last bit of a rather famous story about wine tasting on National Public Radio. They did a single blind test with several highly thought of experts to find out what the 'best' wines were. The clear winner for white whine was a lowly California vintage, and in general the realy high priced famous vintage stuff did not fare better than some current vintage wines that the average person might afford.
Remind you of anything :).
A few months ago, I went to see Jesse Cook perform at a winery in Temecula, CA. That's about all I know about wine.

Yrr, fast food needs to be inserted somewhere in that list! Heheh.

I like Two Buck Chuck!
The Spanish wines are a good value as the Italian wines used to be (but are now expensive). I was just in Spain and some of their wine regions are going Napa so I expect their prices to increase too. But the sad thing is the price of any of these wines in Europe. They are all cheap!
I've lived in Europe on a couple of different equations, and it always hurts going back to the states. Not that we can't get good wine, but man-oh-man do we pay a premium for it. I mean, even for Californian ones...some you can't even get if you're not on the Vineyard's list! I know prices go up because of importing costs, but the main difference is that you're hard pressed to get a drinkable bottle of wine in the US, domestic or otherwise, for 6 bucks. MAYBE, you could find a chilean or argentinian for around the same price, but I there are so many cheap bottles here that are really quite nice. I have a couple friends with pretty impressive cellars (just had a 1927 vintage port!) and they frequently put down some sub 8-dollar wines that turn out splendidly. However, I've been known on occasion to put down a box of franzia....just insert a straw into the top and it's pretty easy from there.
i dont know anything about wine but i drink alot of cognac & i can tell ya that if you drink a bottle of rot gut you'll wake up with 1 hell of a mess on your hands while on the otherhand you can down a whole bottle of xo supreme & wake up feeling right as rain.

blind testing or not im sticking with the good stuff.