NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles

Was running errands yesterday and caught the last bit of a rather famous story about wine tasting on National Public Radio. They did a single blind test with several highly thought of experts to find out what the 'best' wines were. The clear winner for white whine was a lowly California vintage, and in general the realy high priced famous vintage stuff did not fare better than some current vintage wines that the average person might afford.
Remind you of anything :).

"Think I'll have a glass or three of semi-cheap wine and tune in to Car Talk or A Prairie Home Companion myself!"

I grew up in the Napa Valley. I am definately laughing in agreement.

ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) the other R was a typo.
Livermore, Ca. used to have an annual Labor Day Wine Festival. (Maybe they still do). Admission was 25 bucks and your three day 'ticket' to enter the vineyards was a wine glass. They had a separate summer concert series where you could have dinner outdoors and listen to Boz Scaggs .. a nice mix of wine and audio.
Wente Vineyards still has summer concerts, some of them really big names. I've never been but it sounds like fun. But talk about good music... there's the bluegrass festival this weekend in San Francisco. And talk about big names! I'm going just to see Tony Rice (but I'll take the rest too!).
Classical1 and Budrew,

I live in San Ramon. I've seen all these concerts and known people that have gone, but I got down there. The bay area is great for music. San Jose jazz festival, etc.
I'm certainly no expert on wine, but still remember the Wente Cabernet> i think it was called Special Reserve at @ $20/bottle. One of the best I've ever had. They put on a great festival.. it opened fairly early each day and I learned it's important to pace yourself :)