NSMT Model 75 in the House!

Only a couple of hours on these babies and out of the box they are listenable. They float an image and detail better than any speakers I have owned or heard. The bass has a ways to go since all the drivers are new and stiff. My Triode Wire Labs speaker cables spades would not fit on the binding posts but I had a pair of brand new never used speaker cables with bananas. I’m getting my Triodes re-terminated. The sound is already good but I expect it’s going to improve a lot. Owner Erol Ricketts said about 200 hours break in time


Congrats!!  Keep reporting on the progress.  Can you attach a pic?




Still seem a wee bit pricey at $5-7K, but I'm surprised more manufacturers haven't used the widebander + powered woofer in a small tower arrangement.


I now have 200 hours on the speakers, the breakin period per owner designer Erol Ricketts. The tone is lifelike, dynamics impeccable, staging projects beyond and behind the speakers. Imaging is impressive, the performers positions are easy to hear. The internally amped woofer with crossover dial made it easy to place in my room. The bass defies logic since this is not a large box. The cabinetry quality is very good. And the design loves tubes. Shocked I could get this level of performance for this price.