nu vista m3 remote?

I recently had some service done on my nu vista m3 ..the remote was damaged in transit.It’s a dinky little remote but a ------ to find anywhere.Does anyone know the code for this amp so i could use another remote( its quite difficult to auto search for it )? or any thoughts on finding a replacement?.
Would one from another model work, good possibility I think. It might narrow down finding something that works. Contacting MF wouldnt be a bad idea
Ive tried to email the u.s contacts to no avail .Its a dinky little remote but i heard it was made in belguim and it had m3 nuvista written on it ,i was hoping atleast someone could help me with the universal code i heard its a b*cTh. I don"t really give a hoot about the remote actually i just want to find it for a resale thing in the furture, if i ever could let go of this beast .It would be tough