Nuclues plus bricked

Roon forced an update of my nucleus plus and its now bricked. Anyone else run into this issue?


Newest update locked up my nucleus +. Unplugged it for  30 minutes and it then finished the update. All fine now.


Only trouble I’ve had with it.

When Roon works its great, when it does an update and gets hung up for an hour regardless of you rebooting, resetting network and all the other "tips" Roon suggests its infuriating. It never seems to be totally stable- I've had it for three years and want to pull my hair out with it about 4-6 times a year- every year. Their technical support and forums are also relatively unhelpful and blame everything on your network, never on their systems.

@monkeyade don't bother answering roxy. This person is a "drive-by commenter with nothing to add. I'm pretty sure they're just trying to get the high score, lol 😉🤪😍

The innous is a very good solution ,you can get from 2-4 T of SS drive 

Many like their interface and don’t use Roon , but like myself used to it 

and on the back end It has HQ player built in if you have a big HD and fast processor , I am just getting into it  you can literally Taylor your sound to your taste 

thstbeungsaid you still need a good dac, I still am saving to buy the Excellent       T+A 200 dac which has HQ player and several dithers and adjustments built in .

I know 7 people that have bought this dac .. I still stand by at $7k a no 🧠 er

and even at 2x that I have found nothing this well balanced ,and I have heard 

a bunch against it at several audio shoot outs in comparisons like chord Dave ,Mola Mola ,Lampizator all much more $$ 

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