Nuclues plus bricked

Roon forced an update of my nucleus plus and its now bricked. Anyone else run into this issue?


@monkeyade don't bother answering roxy. This person is a "drive-by commenter with nothing to add. I'm pretty sure they're just trying to get the high score, lol 😉🤪😍

The innous is a very good solution ,you can get from 2-4 T of SS drive 

Many like their interface and don’t use Roon , but like myself used to it 

and on the back end It has HQ player built in if you have a big HD and fast processor , I am just getting into it  you can literally Taylor your sound to your taste 

thstbeungsaid you still need a good dac, I still am saving to buy the Excellent       T+A 200 dac which has HQ player and several dithers and adjustments built in .

I know 7 people that have bought this dac .. I still stand by at $7k a no 🧠 er

and even at 2x that I have found nothing this well balanced ,and I have heard 

a bunch against it at several audio shoot outs in comparisons like chord Dave ,Mola Mola ,Lampizator all much more $$ 

@monkeyade, I’ve had a Nucleus since early on in the pandemic. Remember when you couldn’t go anywhere or do anything for two years straight? Fun huh? I bought it mostly for its plug and play functionality and convenience because now I focus more on the music than the technology of the thing. Roon automatically updates all of my mobiles and laptops while I’m sleeping, and I don’t have to physically store a large library of music that’s more easily accessed using Al Gore’s greatest invention.

But what is better than thought is that I go to most anywhere and be able to listen to what I was enjoying twenty some hours in the past, after flying overnight to Amsterdam. In my home setup I did have to put it on its own shelf and use a better LPSU though. I like the software. And as long as you only use it as a pass through and never use DSP, or any of kind of filters, or equalization, it works well. Putting a passive Ethernet filter with a good Ethernet cable before the Nucleus did improve the sound quality quite noticeably. 

Small Green Computer, SGC.

Andrew Gillis is the best. Very good and prompt support. Usually responds within a day.

@adasdad tbh overall I like roon and don't use the dsp functions either.

i went from roon core on a windows pc to roon core on a nas to the nucleus plus. One of the primary reasons why i went with the nucleus was the mutichannel output over hdmi, which i occasionally use in my movie room. That said for some reason on the odd occasion I want to use multichannel, nothing comes out of the hdmi and required reboots. A pain as that requires pulling the rack out of the cupboard etc.

Since it's now been unplugged for a day I'll retry it but don't have high hopes. Looks like it will need to go back to roon for a fix.

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