Nuclues plus bricked

Roon forced an update of my nucleus plus and its now bricked. Anyone else run into this issue?


@monkeyade, I also like Roon because it lets us play music on any device or through the speakers in the different rooms we have in our condo all at once so everybody is happy. My audio gear dealer of choice for almost 50yrs, puts together systems in McMansions’s that have multiple $100K setups where Roon’s ability to easily play music anywhere is a must have convenience. There’s gotta be something simple in the way that you’ve got things connected that is causing the issues that your having I believe. So when I’m experiencing any technical problems I don’t go to the internet, I just call his store and ask how I can resolve it. Much easier than asking a question on Audiogon. Also the folks at Moon Audio out east, and Upscale Audio on the left coast, love to talk audio tech stuff and are ready to help if you give them a call. 

My nucleus plus has died twice. First time they replaced the motherboard, second time they replaced everything except the chassis. Even with entirely new innards, they would only give it a 90 day warranty which indicates how much confidence they have in their hardware. Piece of junk. Waiting for it to die one more time and I will go to small green computer.

To be honest I'm more than annoyed right now, it's been over a week since the case was acknowledged by Roon technical support and still nothing from them.

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