Nuclues plus bricked

Roon forced an update of my nucleus plus and its now bricked. Anyone else run into this issue?


That's what I did

I had issues with my Nucleus + that clearly were an issue with their OS and Nucleus.

I try and be a fair and reasonable person. I'm not looking to get away with anything.

Their response and position on the issue was deplorable.

I barely came away with "we're sorry sir"

This came after months of trying to work with their atrocious support model (post your problem and keep fingers crossed that someone responds in under 10 days)

After being left with a product that wouldn't work for me & a company they could care less I bought an Innuos Pulsar and with the Sense App I've never looked back. It's wonderful

I'll say again...if Room works for you and has no issues then it's a great product. If it doesn't then good luck

Why doesn't roon offer a phone support number?

I found the file manager system horrifying to deal with. I'm also trying to integrate  a desktop PC with a nucleus to access music files, it was extremely convoluted complicated, and not able to figure it out.

It just doesn't work very well for file manager issues and net work access to another computer,  and guidance is especially poor and very complicated.

I like the software, but Interface for file manager system has to be improved


I think the better option for ROON is to use a cheap computer in another room, away from your stereo. Then use fibre optic streaming to eliminate the noise that would be picked up getting the bits from the other room into your DAC. Using Fibre with a PC computer is the key to even the score of not buying an expensive Music Server next to your audio gear.

I have a $300 DELL PC computer hidden behind a door in a faraway room. It is running ROON Core. It automatically goes to sleep at 2:30AM so that I also have to go to sleep. It wakes up at 7:00AM ready for another day of music.

All of this using Windows 10 or 11. I forgot since I do not have a mouse, keyboard, or monitor hooked up to it. I hardly ever look at the OS. I used RDP to first setup the settings I wanted for the OS and to install ROON Core, I cannot recall the last time I had to look at the OS.

Only caveat to using the PC far from the audio system is to use the ROON Core on the direct Ethernet side of your home network. That is if you use PowerLine adapters as I also do (for multiple rooms), then have the PC on the Ethernet and not on the PowerLine side. This is if you want to stream Hi-res.

I discovered an issue streaming the hi-res version of George Harrison’s ALL THINGS MUST PASS. There is a song where he starts whistling. The stream would always break at that spot when I used to have the PC on the PowerLine side of the network (lower capacity side). Move it to the higher capacity side and the whistling part works perfectly all the time.




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