Nuclues plus bricked

Roon forced an update of my nucleus plus and its now bricked. Anyone else run into this issue?


@carlsbad2 My observation was when I had the Core on the slow side of my hybrid network, Ethernet + PowerLine adapters. Things worked fine for a long time even when I had the Core on the PowerLine side of the network. For example, I have ROON endpoints in my office, 2 bedrooms, family room, Livingroom, and garage. I had the Core in one of the bedrooms with a PowerLine connection to the network.

That worked fine until that George Harrison hi-res song. I was surprised that the stream would always stop at the start of the whistling. However, I was happy I had a reproducible event. After some testing I realized that putting the Core with a direct Ethernet connection to my Router which also has a switch attached to it solved the issue.

My router is in my office and I do not want any computer making noise in this audio centric room so I repurposed an old cable TV connection in the wall separating my office from a bedroom. I snaked an Ethernet cable to the bedroom from the office. This gave me a direct connection to the higher bandwidth of my network. After this the Core worked with all types of material.

My PowerLine gear is fairly old so maybe the new ones are better.

In my situation the Core today is on the Ethernet side and works with both the Ethernet side and PoweLine side.


The Nucleus is a pretty cheap and not particularly high quality computer. For the price of a Nucleus Plus you can build a quiet Windows machine with a much better power supply and space for more storage, quality network and usb cards etc. Regarding the OP, I think possibly Roon did something strange with the last update. It's the first time I've had an issue with Roon's stability.

Figured I'd give an update on this.

So, I have to send it back to Roon and at the moment it looks like it will be free of charge. which is good news.

I have had two Nucleus Plus machines stop connecting to my LAN.

I am three+ years into owning a Nucleus. It worked sometimes. But software upgrades always would through it offline. I have worked with Roon support and my dealer. It was always a pain.

Instead, I started running Roon Core on a Windows PC. It has been very stable for two weeks so far, and I am using it on several wireless devices. Roon is also working with my NAD receiver/Endpoint.

Roon ARC is also working now, for the first time! So fun and useful.

And, I purchased a Wiim Pro to stream Qobuz via Roon to my main hifi. (It arrives on Sunday). I am expecting good things.

Can’t wait to sell my Nucleus Plus. One of the least enjoyable products I have ever owned. Good riddance, I say. :-)

@panamintsteve, I’m sorry to hear about your negative experiences with your Nucleus+ units. I’ve had my Roon Nucleus Rev B for about three years or so since the beginning of the pandemic, and I’ve never had an issue. The Intel chip in the Nucleus is simple and essentially fool proof, so I can’t understand what could possibly go awry. Then again I don’t use mine for anything except picking music from Qobuz.