Nuetrality be Damned...

I am looking for a WARM and MUSICAL speaker, that is more emotive than analytical. I want to be drawn into the music. If the speaker is capable of creating warmth, but is still considered a "hi-fi" speaker, I would very much like to know about it...Please Help. Some of the speakers that I have heard that might fit this bill are: Voce Divina, Swans, JM Reynaud, JM Labs...
Why not consider the Dunlavy's and get both. Nuetrality with high end rolled off just the right amount to get you accurate, warm, musical non-fatiguing sound. Don't know your budget and room size, but IV/A and up would be my recommendation for full-range. If not II or III's will get you same sound except the last 30-20 hz respectively, which could be supplemented by a good subwoofer (Rel comes to mind)
Vandersteen 3a signatures or the 5's depending on budget.

Find them, you won't be disappointed.... I currently use Apogees but my other love is the Vandy 5's. The 3a sigs. use the same top end as the 5's just don't have the built-in sub... By far, the best bang for the buck IMHO!

Hook them up to Pass gear and I promise you will be blown away!

Good luck,


My Rogers LS3/5As just cleanly took out a pair of $2,000 JM Labs for openess and general musicality. No they cannot play loudly, fill a large room or provide thunderous bass, but what they do they do very well. Colored, warm and still quite involving. It is still the champ in many ways.
Nothing like coming inside from the cold outdoors and warming your hands and basking in the glow from your speakers.