Nuprime Stream-9 Streamer


I'm hoping someone is using the Nuprime Stream-9 streamer.  Im particularly interested in a streamer with an i2s output, which the Stream-9 has.  I've done some web browsing, but there isn't much information about the Stream-9.  I have a few questions:

 1. I exclusively use Roon for streaming.  Is the Stream-9 Roon ready?  Could I use the Stream-9 through Roon as a Roon endpoint? 

 2. Is the HDMI i2s output on the Stream-9 compatible with the following DACs: Holo Audio May,  PS Audio Directstream and SMSL VMV D2?

Thanks in advance for any replies and information.


The I2S output on all Nuprime gear follows the PS Audio standard so yes to the May/Spring and Directstream don't know what standard SMSL follows. 

Thanks, that was kind of a weird post and thread. There are definitely other interesting streamer options available,  including g the Magna Mano Ultra. 

S.M.S.L is to wired the PS audio (the original) as do all Shenzhen products.

Hi Carlsbad, I'm just interested in trying out the i2s interface.  Have followed many discussions with some saying it improves on usb, while others saying usb is better if done correctly.   I'd like to hear for myself which one I would prefer.  Paul McGowan at PS Audio says i2s is much better than usb, but perhaps he is pushing i2s because his DS Dac has that input.  Do you have experience with i2s and if so what's your opinion on i2s vs usb?  Thanks.

On another Audiogon thread, a user said he contacted Tim Connor at Holo Audio and this was Tim's reply:  "Personally I’m all about i2s. It’s the best all around. With a good Hdmi i2s cable it’s definitely a step up. The aes/eBu is as good as spdif gets bit imo Spdif is a bit dated. We have overcome a lot , if not all usb shortcoming and i2s is just beyond that. I personally use i2s always".