OCD mickey website and negativity.

I see videos from this individual frequently he's got a show every night almost on YouTube which is live. It's interesting.

I'm not familiar with the brands on his website and he doesn't seem to be happy about lots of stuff. He visits stores and complains about how terrible their equipment is and that no one knows what they're doing without really explaining him himself.

I've learned many things from him but I don't know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre, I'm not gonna mention it here but maybe I'm wrong. There are many outstanding so-called higher end audio gear that's out there and he doesn't seem to carry any of it.  




I have made 2 five-figure purchases from Mike Powell, both times he brought the items to my house for a relaxed no pressure audition. He stands by his products and in my opinion has a great set of ears and excellent decades of experience with the inner workings of equipment and the place along the price line where you get great bang for the buck and which is often not the most promoted brands. He does recommend equipment that he does not carry such as ADG and other brands.  When dealing with you as an individual I and others have found him very respectful, not putting down your equipment, taste or budget. He seems as much or more interested you being moved by the music and establishing a long term audiophile friendship, as in making a sale.

@gammajo Agree 100% I'm sure many people's comments here are from people who have never done business with him before and talking out of their ass!

If you don’t like his persona or his views, simply don’t subscribe to his channel.  I see no need or purposes of posting a negative comment(s).  

This is a forum. This is commentary. Human beings analyze and comment on things. It's what people do. It what you just did. Everything's gonna be alright.

@hide45- you are da man!  If most of you knew reviewers, you may have a different opinion on what they say about gear.  And most people only know from their experience.  Now others know what makes something sound the way it does. For example,  most people do not know what effect a transformer does to the sound.  I was at a recent dealer demonstrating an amplifier, he knew exactly that the transformers used was producing the sound compared to other amps he was selling.  He knew why that amp was sounding better and in what areas the parts used were impacting the sound.  OCD may have some of that experience, I am not sure what his experience is.  Some of what he says is true in the industry.


But to each his own and as long as you are happy and listening to more music, then that is all that matters.



OCD Mikey is very entertaining to say the least.  He is also very critical of the status quo and the good o' boy network (collusion?)  in the HiFi industry.  He is a disrupter.  However, he does attack certain stores (e.g. Magnolia)  / brands (e.g Denon, McIntosh) which I find to be unnecessary and frankly, uncalled for.  I've always been of the opinion of "Look how good my stuff are" vs "Look how awful the competition's stuff are"  would be a much better strategy.  That is, stress the positive in what you have to offer without bashing the competition.

I would love to get some of his gear but they are priced in the stratosphere.  I can only afford sub $5K components totaling way less than $ 40K.  So, by  his definition, I am in the mid-fi (LowFI ?) category. Oh well.... I am thrilled with what I have and able to afford without mortgaging my future.