OCD mickey website and negativity.

I see videos from this individual frequently he's got a show every night almost on YouTube which is live. It's interesting.

I'm not familiar with the brands on his website and he doesn't seem to be happy about lots of stuff. He visits stores and complains about how terrible their equipment is and that no one knows what they're doing without really explaining him himself.

I've learned many things from him but I don't know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre, I'm not gonna mention it here but maybe I'm wrong. There are many outstanding so-called higher end audio gear that's out there and he doesn't seem to carry any of it.  



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I get a kick out of someone who likes a brand being offended by someone who doesn't care for that brand. Kinda like the guys who wear some dude-who-plays children's-games-for-a-living's jersey shouting done another dude who wears a rival jersey.  Clown Show. 

No sense in feeding the haters and trolls.

This is true.

It’s also true that not everyone who has a criticism is a "hater" or a "troll." Unless one is a narcissist, there is a middle ground.

Once someone decides to post public videos and build an audience and community, they tacitly become a public figure. That requires some restraint on their part, some modesty. Those who exhibit such moderation earn respect and trust, at least in my book. Those who take pleasure in randomness or snark do not.

This YT'er has 24.5k subscribers and 1k videos. He makes videos for public consumption. He sells to the public. That is why he is discussed on this public forum. He is not just another guy selling audio or offering his opinion. He has succeeded to a point where public opinion seeks to discuss his views. That's an accomplishment for him. But it's not without norms.

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I’ve bought gear from Mikey. I went down to Atlanta to pick up the gear. I bought his used NAT Audio 805 Generator mono blocks and a NAT Audio Symmetrical Balanced Line Stage that he coordinated the sale from one of his existing customers. I picked up both components from him almost two years ago.

His rig looks like a mad scientist experiment but is the most amazing system I’ve ever heard. I have a buddy with a 500k system that I listen to frequently so I can appreciate what an amazing system sounds like. Mikey’s rig is on another level. To be fair, my buddy hasn’t really addressed his room yet because of remodeling. Some say the room accounts for 50% regarding sonics.

I needed a pair of XLR cables for my new gear and Mikey pulled a pair of his top of the line silver foil cables off of his rig and sold them to me before I took everything home. I had a great time hanging out with him, I consider him a friend. He treats everybody he works with like this.

I’ve featured his videos on the private FaceBook group that I created almost five years ago: HiFi and music media releases. We don’t see eye to eye on everything. I’m an analog vinyl guy and he’s a high end digital guy. He makes fun of my AudioQuest cobalt Dragonfly DAC but it sounds incredible with the NAT gear!

I’ll be doing more business with him soon.