OCD mickey website and negativity.

I see videos from this individual frequently he's got a show every night almost on YouTube which is live. It's interesting.

I'm not familiar with the brands on his website and he doesn't seem to be happy about lots of stuff. He visits stores and complains about how terrible their equipment is and that no one knows what they're doing without really explaining him himself.

I've learned many things from him but I don't know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre, I'm not gonna mention it here but maybe I'm wrong. There are many outstanding so-called higher end audio gear that's out there and he doesn't seem to carry any of it.  




The $1k DAC is on this page.



BTW - thanks for the heads up on the 10% off for new buyers. There is a DAC on the page above that I plan on getting. Another option for me.


I stopped watching Mikey years ago. To many rants and not enough real information.

You’ll definitely want to watch the recent one where he "baits" people on this forum, calling them out by their handle, and claiming that they post so often on the forum that they have no life, are liars, or are professional shills for the big Audio Industry. That’s a classy one that represents his professionalism and knowledge. 

Does this sound like high end audio marketing hype Mikey would rant about?

"They also include "passive RF/EMI filtering technology utilizing rare earth minerals in a polymer matrix, as well as treatments to the live and neutral leg to reduce magnetic flux, as well as a crystal wafer resonating disc which activates in the presence of AC power."


Tex, did you pull that off of his website or is it a quote from one of his YT videos?