OCD mickey website and negativity.

I see videos from this individual frequently he's got a show every night almost on YouTube which is live. It's interesting.

I'm not familiar with the brands on his website and he doesn't seem to be happy about lots of stuff. He visits stores and complains about how terrible their equipment is and that no one knows what they're doing without really explaining him himself.

I've learned many things from him but I don't know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre, I'm not gonna mention it here but maybe I'm wrong. There are many outstanding so-called higher end audio gear that's out there and he doesn't seem to carry any of it.  




The rogue outsider routine cannot be taken seriously. 

his ecstatic announcement about baiting Audiogon members, exposing handles, and making unsupportable accusations is not the actions of an honest person with no agenda....If you think that stunt was OK, then a whole different discussion about what constitutes an upstanding ethical person.

If Mikey moves enough merchandise brands are happy - and that makes him legit?

+1000 @texbychoice 

real folks here should make sure their b-s meters are working... there are layers upon layers of it here

@jjss49 Hard agree. I'm not sure everyone has one of those. The idea (down in this thread) that one "just doesn't have to watch" is good advice for a child, and fatuous for adults. Of course no one *has to* watch. The idea is to call out b.s. rather than just let it happen. Kind of like any other  with any other odious phenomenon. It can be ignored -- but it shouldn't be. It should be called out and criticized, debated, etc. 

So much baiting. How can we trust the positive comments?

I listen to his videos and learn but have never really heard much about speaker construction outside of the exterior cabinet materials.

Mr. Powell does a great job explaining the insides of a Power conditioner and talks about Cable and power cord construction every once in a while.  But I don't recall him talking about the construction of crossovers within the speaker in any great detail.

I wish there were more opportunities to learn from these guys who may have the knowledge. Maybe they turn off the viewers if it gets too intellectual. We know the manufacturers won't do any of this.



At this point if you want to depend on OCD Mikey for information, that is your choice. However, there are others with knowledge that are without drama and easy to understand.  Suggest you broaden your horizons.

Mikey might know audio inside out.  Unfortunately, his deceitful actions for nothing more than self promotion disqualify him as an honest broker.  He reminds me of a car dealer trying to lure in customers with this line - "We loose a little on each deal, but make up for it in volume".  


... his deceitful actions for nothing more than self promotion disqualify him as an honest broker ...

I think that's a good summary. There are certainly many audio dealers who are willing to work and earn your trust and business.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike a while back. I found him to be very knowledgeable. He gave me some advice concerning cabling that helped me out.