Ocellia cables IC why not much talk?

I've been listening to some Ocellia interconnects now and am just amazed at their naturalness and tonality. They have great detail and sound staging. Would be intested in hearing from others who have any experience with this line?
I realize this is an old thread but I`m complled to add my 2 cents worth of opinion. I now own the O cellia Silver Reference IC and SC, this is a top tier excellent product.If you`re seeking natural/organic sound with the emphasis on'realism', this is the cable of choice. For the past year I`ve been using a loom of ASI Liveline quite happily and it was the best I`ve had so far.The liveline has superb transparency,timbre,dynamic energy etc.

The Ocellia matches these desirable traits but adds even better tone,harmonics and to my surprise a bit more nuance and resolution.Ocellia is somehow able to extract the pure naturalness of voice and acoustical instruments in fabulous fashion, i.e. they just sound 'real' and present.
This cable is the polar opposite of the artificial,analytical and hifi presentation often touted as 'accurate'. IMO the Ocellia is profoundly organically accurate and will attract listeners who want the innate beautiful sound of acoustic instruments preserved and not stripped down and falsely lean and flatten. The sense of openess, air and space they provide is first rate.There`s an undeniable flesh and blood, breath of life vitality that is quite remarkable.I still believe the ASI Liveline is one of the very best cables available but the Ocellia Reference is for my taste better yet.
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Charlesdad, nice to see another converter to Ocellia. Yes once heard its hard to imagine another cable that has that "naturalness" that Ocellia brings to the table. Yes other cables might have deeper bass, more control but none do what I hear in the Ocellia cables as you have pointed out.
Rsf507 ... oops, sorry have not followed this thread. After hearing the Ocellia, there was little time to read these forums LOL ... busy enjoying music. These cables are just truly amazing in every aspect. Everything that others have said above I will just be repeating, so I will make it short ... DITTO. It has an uncanny "realism" that other more expensive brands I feel fail to possess. I need to save up some money for Reference speaker cable and also have a few more devices needing power cords also :P .... Regards, David.
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Anyone compared Ocellia interconnects with Cardas Clear? I'll use it in a vinyl&tube system