Octave HP 300SE Preamp into ATC Active speakers

Looking at a great quality preamp, and Octave HP 300SE Preamp into ATC Active speakers has appealed to me. I currently running a Chord DAVE / Chord Ultima  Pre. 3 into ATC SCM100SLT speakers. I suspect the Pre3 is holding my system back a bit. 

I have heard the Octave Integrated amps and was deeply impressed by their speed, punch, soundstage and vocals especially sounded wonderful. 

I am a bit worried at the Octave 300SE XLR output impedance may not be a good match with the ATC 1V input sensitivity. 

Any thought on this ? 



Did you ever try this combo?  I wouldnt think it would be a problem, as long as the preamp has a output above 2V.  


I did Brad. I had it on loan for weekend, it was brand new, but it sounded wonderful and a great match with my ATC’s. It was more organic, soundstaged better and had a touch more detail than the Chord Pre. 3.

Unfortunately I need a balance control, otherwise I’d have kept it !!

Assuming the Octave is more on the neutral side of the tube pre spectrum, I’d recommend looking at the Atmasphere MP3 Mk3, the Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL, and the Backert Rhumba Extreme that exhibit similar sound characteristics and all have balance controls.  Best of luck.