Octave V70SE to drive Martin Logan Summits?

My search for a good integrated tube amp continues. Woudl like to know if any has good success in matching a Octave V70SE integrated amp with the Martin logan Summits? Much appreciate opinions
A friend had them, a Mac 275 would drive them but they are a quite difficult load. the efficiency is lower than MLs rating according to test reports I have seen and the impedance is very low in the high end.
I have the martin logan summits and am looking if the octave can drive it. not considering mac as alternative.
Jon-Where are you located? Your best bet is to find a dealer that will allow you to an in-home demo as there are very few units of this new model in the market. (We have customers utilizing the fantastic V70SE with both Dynaudio Sapphires and C1 but keep in mind that Tone Audio reviewed the V40SE on a pair of Dynaudio C4s with very favorable results!)


Tyler T. Mueller

Next Level AV-Chicago
Great integrated. Can't say regarding the ML's but the V70SE handles my C1's with ease and has tremendous authority with both the KT88's and 6550's. The black box or super black will help lower the noise floor and add a hair more authority. I have the black box too.

The V70SE is fairly new and I was told mine was the first one sold in the US. I bought mine on 9-13-2010 so there may not be too many V70SE owners.
Your Martin logan Summits is excellent speakers. However, its load at high frequencies probably 5-10 times greated then that at midrange. Thus your requirments for amplifiers must match this challange.
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