Odd dimension audio rack?

I'm looking for an audio rack that is 3 tier and deeper than it is wide. I have a Jungson JA-88D amp that is very deep; it doesn't fit on my current rack because it's a tripod design and the back of the amp would hit the rear support column forcing the front of the amp to overhang by about 6-7 inches (not to mention the fact that the power cord outlet is in the center of the amp so the power cable would hit the support too). Currently my amp is sitting right on the ground.

Also, my system is very minimalistic; I only have an integrated amp and a CDP and a small power conditioner so I only need at most 3 shelves and would rather not pay for the extra expense of shelves I'm not going to use.

Most 3 tier racks are TV stands that are too wide and not deep enough. Are there any that are specifically for audio seperates?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Check out BillyBags. All of their standard designs can be custom sized to your requirements. I have two of their racks. They are outstanding.