Odd shaped Amps and preamps

So I am finally bored with the black boxes. I have a slew of black boxes everywhere and my wife feels (and I am starting to agree) that all our living spaces seem to be cluttered with rectangular black shapes.

I have set out on a quest to create something special and elegant and unique in form.

I have just created a set of triangular glass and metal platforms that glow with a soft blue cast. They are sexy as Hell and are begging to be filled with equally sexy gear.

The challenge:
List some amps and preamps for me that are circular, triangular or will otherwise fit onto a triangular shelf with 22" sides. Be as creative as you want. Tubes or SS, low wattage triodes or Class D Digital...as long as it is high end gear and not junk. I only need about 20 Watts for my speakers to sing but extra won't go to waste in my experience with them.Speakers being driven are Lansche 4.1 (with the plasma drivers).

Price is not really a consideration in this case. I need both an amp (stereo or mono pair) and a preamp.

Links would be super if pictures can't be posted here.

Thanks everyone!

I always thought the Manley stingray was a cool looking amp. Fatman also makes, or made an amp called the mothership that's impressive looking.
H2O, MSB and Nagra all made distinctive, non-box like power amps. I'm sure there are others.
One of the coolest amps were the Nagra PMA and PSA amps (Mono and stereo) they are little pyramids, simply awesome look and sound!
If you can find them, then Thor Audio built everything in circular chasis. They are defunct but were well thought of tube amp and pre amp manufacturers.
Who makes those wild sphere speakers and crazy electronics is it Studio Electric or something to that effect?? Look around for it, pretty wild and crazy.
Maybe a bit off of the beaten path, but perhaps you could look into the Hypex NC400 amplifier modules. They are class D and seem to be what the people want these days, in terms of class D.

What sort of package you put them into is up to you and the sky is the limit. Getting a pair of modules and power supplies is the next thing on my audio "to do" list.

From what I've seen on other sites, guys are putting them into all sorts of enclosures.

Again, from what I understand, just taking the parts and throwing them into an enclosure gets you a very good sounding amp.