Odd subwoofer question.

I am not a sub woofer guy. Have played around with a few. Both high end and mid level. They never did much for my primary system (Aerial Acoustics 7B towers, AR tube pre, Levinson amp). But, I don’t really know anything about subs or how to optimize them.

Anyway, in my living room my secondary system for casual listening consists of a pair of inherited Aerial Acoustics 6T towers driven by a Sonos Amp. I know. Long story. But in truth the Sonos Amp does a really good job and ties the 6Ts into the house system.

I’d say 75% of the time I am totally happy with how this system sounds. At times I’m amazed how good it sounds. But, sometimes I do wonder if a sub would add anything.

My audio fetish is tight, precise bass.

I’m looking for advice on a sub woofer to try. Given the nature of this system I am not looking for anything high end or complicated. But also wondering if a modestly priced sub is just going to muddy the waters. All advice appreciated.

The Sonos Amp does have sub output.





In an effort to learn how to assemble a good system I visited

people whose opinions seemed well founded in order to hear 

and see what they did. 

The ones with what I felt were the best systems all used subs.

Prior to that I felt like you did about them. 

I decided to do a toe dip by adding the REL t5x $700. An 8" down-firing sub.

Small footprint. No advertising to look at.  Love the thing!

A hard core audiophile would buy 4 subs with a separate amp.

I am not that guy. 

When I turn on my system now and start to listen I know immediately if I

have neglected to turn on the sub. I should just leave it on 24/7.

Your system is superb. A sub will put smile on your face. REL has an

annual promo on right now. They raised the price $100 from 2021 and offer

you $50 off. Such a deal!  

There is a trial period though.


The svs SB-1000 Pro has an app to help you set up the subwoofer and a 45 day trial period. 

+1 on the SB1000 Pro, but I’d absolutely get 2 at about $1150 for the pair if it’s in your budget.  Hey, with SVS’s generous and risk-free return policy you could try two and send back one or both if they don’t work out, but my bet is you’ll keep both.  FWIW, and best of luck. 

All good suggestions, I went with JL Audio due to their DSP built in. Really helps match the sub to your room and other speakers. The size of the room is critical. I had to go with their ten inch as my room was just too a bit too small for the 12 inch. So careful on the size you get, you need a good size room for a 12 inch woofer to sound tight and precise. Too small a room and you'll get a mushy sound.