Odyssey Audio Kismet integrated amp.

Anyone out there own one or heard one?
With the right speaker it will sound great.  With the wrong speaker it sounds harsh & overly forward.  With inefficient multiway speakers that needed a hard push loved these.  My 94db two ways made me want to break out my clock radio.  Audition with your speakers, PERIOD.  Klaus will let you.
odysseys have their fans
when everything works, the sound is really terrific
they can also be problematic and idiosyncratic... the amp as well as the maker
i have own... can attest to all the above

I have owned an Odyssey Stratos Extreme and an odyssey Kismet power amp.  Let’s just say the Kismet power amp at $3500.00 blew away (really blew away) a Conrad-Johnson $5500.00 MF2550 amp in every parameter. In 10+ years of having Odyssey equipment, I never had any problems and never any burps or farts from the amps.