Odyssey Audio Kismet Mono Blocks

So, I've been eyeballing some local used Kismet monos.  Currently using my Hegel H360 integrated (usually) to power Maggie LRS (also in rotation Snell type D and VA Bach Grands).  Sounds pretty good to my ears, but I've always been wanting to try monoblocks.  I figure Odyssey might be a good place to start as any.  I like what Klaus is doing.  Seems like great bang for the buck.  His room was one of my favs at Axpona also.  

Anybody happen to have any experience comparing Odyssey to Hegel?  Or just impressions of Kismet monos in general?  How about using monos on Maggies?  I'd love to just buy 'em and do a shootout but that won't be happening.   



i have had many hegels and also have a stratos stereo amp with the various upgrades

i think the big hegels will have an ever so slightly more detailed presentation (i am talking about the amp section only of course) and a smidge tighter bass, whereas the odyssey is a little smoother a little more laid back up top and have a little more bloom in the bass... both will have very nice midrange and excellent top to bottom coherence

i really don't think mono vs stereo matters much here, it is about the circuitry and the quality of design and build of the amps here 

I had a Stratos Extreme amp for at least 6 years or so. The Kismet is the next step up from the Extremes.  My Extreme had the black Kismet boards in it and I loved the amp. Great midrange, amazing bass, and the treble had detail yet was never ever shrill. Only reason I sold it (very hesitantly) was because I went in on a mostly all McIntosh system. You can’t go wrong with the Kismet, mono or stereo amps.

Thanks for the replies.  Wow if the Odysseys are a little smoother up top that would be something!  One of the best attributes about the Hegel, IMO, is the smooth presentation.  I would have to sell the Hegel to purchase the Kismets.  Something I've considered doing for a while now but just can't get myself to list it!  

Thanks again.

one other thing i would add is that the odyssey amps have pretty high input sensitivity, and they run best via the rca inputs -- sometimes people have trouble with gain matching depending on what they use to feed the odyssey amps in terms of preamp or dac (if direct feed)