Odyssey Audio Mono Blocks

I would like some opinions of these amps. Most discussion is on the Stratos.

If anyone owns or has tried these amp, what were/are your thoughts and what was the associated gear?
i have a pair that are about 1 yr old. Love them! I previosly had the new Mcintosh MA-6500 integrated amp. I also auditioned: Plinius, Classe (ca-201 and their monoblocks), Sim Audio, Bryston, and Mcintosh before making my decision on the Stratos Monoblocks. I use these monoblocks with a Classe 47.5 preamp, classe 1.5 cd player, and Michell tt. If I wouldn't have purchase the odyssey amps, I probably would have gone with the Classe monoblocks.
They are coming out with an upgrade that is supposed to improve on the already great sound of the monos. there is a thread on harmonicdiscord.com odyssey forum.
I have a set of these "Reference" Mono Block amps on order and I should be seening them sometime in Febuary. These will be replacing the Belles 150A Hot Rod amp. I can't wait to see what I have been reading on AudioReview, Audio Asylum, and HarmonicDiscord: Odyssey forum is true or not.