Odyssey Khartago Ex. with Rogue Audio Perseus/Mag.

Hello Everyone
Recently I ordered Odyssey Khartago Extreme Power Amplifier and I was thinking to go with Rogue Audio Perseus/Magnum tube
preamplifier. I would appreciate yours opinions or any other
suggestions about preamplifier.
My Favorite tubed preamp is an AES AE-3 which Upscale Audio may still have new. The beauty of this pre is that it uses 6SN7s which are still abundant as NOS and you can tube roll many many different brands and types to find the tone/sonic you like best. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, as there is plenty of solid advice out there re 6SN7s but I really enjoyed collecting and trying them out. I don't know the Rogue pre sorry.
I have experience with the Rogue Audio 99 Magnum and it is a great preamp and I have a friend who uses this preamp with an Odyssey Stratos amp and it is a great combination. Rogue offers great customer service as well.
FWIW, I really enjoy my combo of Odyssey Audio Stratos HT3 (w/ cap upgrade) and McIntosh C220 tube/hybrid preamp. After replacing the factory tubes with Mullard re-issues, the sound is smooth, noise is low, and the soundstage is very wide and tall. Overall a winning combo, and the Stratos mates much better with the C220 than it did with my C-J PV11.