Odyssey Kismet Reference or Ascend Acoustics Tower with RAAL Ribbon Tweeter

Ready to upgrade my speakers from Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 with RAAL’s to either the Ascend Towers or Odyssey Audio Kismet References. I’ll be running them with Odyssey Khartago Extreme SE and Candela preamp. Has anyone listened to both speakers, and if so, what are your impressions. I also appreciate any critique you have if you've listened to either speaker.
I have the reference monitors. Of the three pairs of speakers I have now, these are the ones I am not selling. Smooth,nice bass and punch. Non fatguing all day long. I have never heard the Ascend. Hope this helps.
I know I'm late to the party here, however thought I'd chime in.  I have the Odyssey Audio's newish floor standing "Liquid" speakers and think they hit way above their price range.  In agreement with "giantsalami" above, they are smooth, detailed, musical and have excellent PRAT and punch.  To me, in my room, these are better than an (unnamed) pair of speakers I had before which retailed for over $40,000.

I've had various Ascend speakers and, to me anyway, there's no comparison.
Odyssey fan here. How much were the Liquid speakers? Can you give any in depth review on them? Odyssey does not seem to get much action lately. never heard any of their speakers only amps. 
@passion4audio, Have you owned any Ascends with the RAAL tweeter? If so, how does the RAAL stack up against the beryllium dome of the Kismets? Thank you in advance...