Odyssey Lorelei vs Von Scheikert Vr4jr

Any one ever compare these two? I have VR4jr's and a pair of Lorelei's on the way to me. I love the jr's but the bass seems a little muddy, not all the time, but I feel the need to fix it. I have Odussey amps and thought, after reading some positive things about the Lorelei's, to give them a try. Just curious how they stack up to more well known brands.
I will be attending the RMAF and will be checking out quite a few different manufacturer's, just looking for more opinions.
I look forward to your review. As a fan of VSA, I have found that, as with most speakers, placement is key. My VR-4 JRs sound muddy if placed too close to walls. Like most speakers, they benefit from exact placement. When perfect placement is not possible, that's when specialty speakers "earn their keep".
I also find the bass of my VR4jrs to be probably the least strong area of its sound. Its not that its bad; just not as good as the jr's other considerable strengths. It could be that I get to compare with a friend's PMC IB2s and the bass from those speakers is in a different class to the jrs.
Do remember that apart from positioning, make sure you load the VR4jr with ballast as this does tighten up and improve the bass significantly.
You must try the the VS with high damping factor amp. I use them with UCD Class D amps and think the bass is first class. CHannel Island, Bel Canto, or PS Audio are excellent choices. Phil Brady.
I concur with Phil Brady on the aspect of bass. So many factors, the room, the amp, the placement. With my Bel Cantos the bass is deep, detailed and articulate. With test tones and a RS meter, it measures -6 dB at 20 Hz and
-3 dB at 25 Hz.