Odyssey Lorelei vs Von Scheikert Vr4jr

Any one ever compare these two? I have VR4jr's and a pair of Lorelei's on the way to me. I love the jr's but the bass seems a little muddy, not all the time, but I feel the need to fix it. I have Odussey amps and thought, after reading some positive things about the Lorelei's, to give them a try. Just curious how they stack up to more well known brands.
I will be attending the RMAF and will be checking out quite a few different manufacturer's, just looking for more opinions.
If you had time to listen and compare both speakers would like to read your impressions. As for myself, I have not at all found the Jr's to be muddy. If you feel the speakers are muddy just some of the time. It would perhaps point to the source materials you are listening to at the time. And of course, as mentioned above, room and placement of the speakers may yield the results you seek.
I have had the Lorelei's now for a few months and I am extremely happy with them. I sold the VR4's and I am thinking that the muddiness was caused by the room/placement. I enjoyed them while I had them and I don't feel that there is a huge difference in sound.
I do feel that the Lorelei's sound a little more "real" when it comes to drums and piano, other than that I really could live with either one in my room. I don't have the "golden ear" so don't expect a lot of audiospeak from me on the differences. I just know if I like the sound or not and both sets seemed to keep my toes tappin'.
Had the Loreleis for a couple of years and loved them. Had to sell, unfortunately, but you're right about the toes tappin' and remarkable bass from such "small" drivers. They're another excellent value from Klaus. Glad you're enjoying them.
By the way...I'm another that's not great with audiospeak, but the Loreleis just sounded right with anything I played.