Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY

Greetings All

This is, unfortunately,  an uneasy post.  I was persuaded to dive into a buying a set of Ohm Acoustics Walsh Tall 3000.  My very funky factory loft with 11' ceilings, not a single straight wall, 145 yr. old very wide & distressed oak flooring other issues dictated an Ohm Acoustics design.  However, placed/paid for my speakers 11/06/2021.  Speaking with Ohm indicates I can expect delivery around the middle of June.  That date has krept forever onward.  Yes, there was a snafu at Ohm's end that they readily recognize. But poor, poor, customer relations. I have spoken with Jake several times over the last 7 months; quite the gentleman.  However, I just no longer have a good feeling that Ohm Acoustics is on top of their game. And the last thing I want to do is spend about $6,000 for a product where the company is gone, out of business.

 Crutchfield can ship me a set of Klipsch Cornwall IV this afternoon. My decision process 7+ months ago had me considering either the Cornwalls or the Walsh Talls. I went with the Walsh Talls. Hey, it still may be sonically the better decision. But until I get delivery of my Ohms I'll never know. 




every manufacture is having big delays and many are doing very good business during the pandemic with large back orders they are trying to get through. I would be patient.

my friends been waiting almost a year for a Decwar amp, i waited 6 months for  McIntosh preamp, a turntable i ordered is going to be 6 months etc etc.

really they are not going out of business quite the opposite they are booming and have many orders to fill and with supply chain issues everyone is taking a long time. 


Everyone has supply chain issues. If you don't like the timeline go and buy something that is in stock and be happy.

Otherwise, get a refund and quit complaining on a public forum.


2000 Talls ordered last summer took 7 months. Listening to smooth jazz helped me relax while I waited.

I can't imagine anyone who wants the sonic presentation of a pair of omnis like Ohm could be happy with Cornwalls.  Apples and oranges, as they say.  I have a set of Ohms and find them immensely enjoyable -- no urge for any changes.

As others have noted, the supply chain for manufacturers of just about any product is not in very good shape right now.  My car got clipped in a parking lot last December.  It took 2 months to get an appointment at the shop, then that got pushed back a month due to parts availability, and once in for repairs, had another 2 weeks added to the timeline while they were waiting for a $7 bracket that was needed.  Things are just a mess right now.

my luck was not so good with the omni speakers, they must be well away from room boundaries and in a small room, fuggedaboudit. they work as designed only in very large rooms or very heavily and uniformly damped smaller rooms. not for spare bedrooms ever. anything less than perfect room acoustics and they will not give you their much vaunted advantage of total non-localizability and wide sweet spot.