Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY

Greetings All

This is, unfortunately,  an uneasy post.  I was persuaded to dive into a buying a set of Ohm Acoustics Walsh Tall 3000.  My very funky factory loft with 11' ceilings, not a single straight wall, 145 yr. old very wide & distressed oak flooring other issues dictated an Ohm Acoustics design.  However, placed/paid for my speakers 11/06/2021.  Speaking with Ohm indicates I can expect delivery around the middle of June.  That date has krept forever onward.  Yes, there was a snafu at Ohm's end that they readily recognize. But poor, poor, customer relations. I have spoken with Jake several times over the last 7 months; quite the gentleman.  However, I just no longer have a good feeling that Ohm Acoustics is on top of their game. And the last thing I want to do is spend about $6,000 for a product where the company is gone, out of business.

 Crutchfield can ship me a set of Klipsch Cornwall IV this afternoon. My decision process 7+ months ago had me considering either the Cornwalls or the Walsh Talls. I went with the Walsh Talls. Hey, it still may be sonically the better decision. But until I get delivery of my Ohms I'll never know. 




Right now, and possibly forever, I’m not ordering anything that’s not ready to ship. Sad state of affairs, but that’s the reality. I might put a small good-faith deposit on something where the manufacturer affirms they have everything in stock, but just need to assemble it, but that’s as far as I would go myself. 

They are a great company with great products.

Wait, they will get them done, sometime, possible even later than June.

If you don't wait, I will always regret it!!!!

I ordered 5000’s way before the insanity began, and they still took some time between order date and delivery.  This is not a production line product.  Like you I have a difficult space, and tried many combinations.  The 5000’s accomplished what no other could.  I also have another weird space, and that has Klipsch LaScallas.  Totally different experience.  Both a joy to listen to…..so, I say stay the course, because you can always have both!

Ohm has gotten some very outstanding press on internet reviews in recent years including some “best speakers ever” touts from popular reviewers.  I suspect they are swamped with orders compared to years prior. That plus all else going on in recent years and add it up. Crutchfield is a wonderful well run company but they are just retailers not a manufacturer. If only they sold Ohms they could be one stop shopping for me. I’m still well stocked with two pair of great sounding Ohms so in good shape there for now. Did buy a Cambridge Evo 150 earlier in the year from crutchfield. Was fast and easy with nice payment options. Had a minor issue with first unit received but they promptly replaced it. They definitely got their e-business act together. Highly recommended!

I felt compelled to add my $.03 ( $.02 plus the recent inflationary rate)

I own a set of Ohm 3XO AND a set of vintage (1978) Cornwall’s 

I have used both on my Pioneer SA1000 and my Jolida JD302 tube amp and have experienced a much different soundstage between each,as to be expected.

The Cornwall’s are bright, articulate and depending on the recording/volume the bass varies. They are a face forward sounding speaker and broadcast throughout the living space, almost searching you out. They did sound best on the Pioneer, where I could make fine adjustments to the Treble/Bass pots, to suit my liking per recording. On the Jolida they were a bit warmer and presented very well, but at the same time were lacking bass, which I owe to the selection of tubes I am using.

The Ohms sound much different on the Pioneer than they do on the Jolida, again as to expected. Because of the adjustability of the Treble/Bass on the Pioneer I can “tune” the Ohm’s  to my liking, but for 1 to 1 comparison I left the the pots at neutral 

The Ohms, set up a soundstage that is much Iike listening to music coming from an orchestra pit, rather than coming at you like a traditional face forward speaker. If you leave the listening area you do not get the full effect of their nuances. This effect sounded much richer and fuller when connected to the Jolida amp, and the bass (as compared to the Cornwalls) was all there and perfect

There was no “winner”, as it was for my ears only and for my particular tastes.

I prefer the Ohms on the Jolida 302 Tube amp, as that is my main listening set up. 

So to the OP, your choice of speaker should depend on your equipment, your listening habits and the type of music you prefer. ( I’m not a big fan of hard rock on the Ohm’s…but that is not my choice of music anyhow )


As for the delay in shipping….I am an Operations Manager for a company that imports product from Australia and Canada and shipping times, and costs, have increased almost 2 fold from 12-18 months ago. Myself and my inside people are facing our customers (which are 100% industrial) on the material delays daily, and its no easy task. But we keep our composure and respond respectfully, as you mentioned was your experience with the CSR at Ohm’s. Please do not hold the worldwide shortages against them or any other manufacturer, especially those in this type of niche business.


Good luck